U.S. Civil Rights and Community Action

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  • General Listings and Other Directories
  • Natural Foods and Farming
  • Resources for Women's
  • Ethnic and Cultural Interests
  • Civil Liberties
  • Politics and Consumer Rights

    General Listings and Other Directories

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    Natural Foods and Farming

    Resources for Women

  • Women's International Center Extensive links and info, both domestic and worldwide.
  • Breast Cancer Action. Advocacy group based in San Francisco.
  • Susun Weed - Wise Woman Health Center
  • Betty Kapen, PhD - Alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy Fund
  • Family Violence Prevention Fund
  • U.N. Fourth World Conference on Women Documents and links.
  • Women for Women, Intl. Support for survivors of war and genocide.
  • Equality Now New York based advocacy organization
  • Feminist Majority Foundation Activist group and a huge compilation of online resources.
  • Global Fund for Women Charitable foundation supporting international projects. With links to related resources.
  • WomensNet. From the Institute for Global Communications - IGC.
  • Women's Resources on the Internet Compiled by the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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    Ethnic and Cultural Interests

  • Focus:HOPE Detroit-based community organization providing training and opportunities.
  • The National Urban League Nationwide social service organization serving the African American Community.
  • NativeWeb Cyberspace directory for the earth's indigenous peoples
  • Index of Native American Resources
  • Official Indian Nations Home Pages Worldwide representation.
  • Lesbian/gay electronic magazine plus links to organizations.

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    Civil Liberties

  • Civil Rights - groups and web pages - A selection links.
  • American Civil Liberties Union - ACLU
  • M.I.T Student Association for Freedom of Expression - SAFE Extensive listing of resources.

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    Politics and Consumer Rights

  • Public Citizen The consumer's eyes and ears. Founded by Ralph Nader.
  • Coalition for Consumer Health and Safety A clearinghouse of info and links.
  • Human Rights Interactive Network Consumer Alert! Action alerts on multinational corporations.
  • League of Women Voters. National organization promoting voter awareness and democratic reform.
  • Other citizen's groups Links from Essential Org.
  • U.S. Federal Consumer Information Center

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